AssoKappa Deck

AssoKappa Deck


Our deck of cards!

AssoKappa Deck, designed by the shop owner Fabrizio Muscogiuri and designed by Jonathan Cadenazzi. It is the first batch produced in Italy specifically for a Magia store, produced in 3000 copies will be available for sale starting on July 2, 2017 on Printed by US Playing Cards with Air Cushion Finish quality, the bouquet features a reddish red, the same shade as the Bicycle Standard bouquets, depicting the shop’s logo (an ace of spades with  clubs symbol inside), drawn specularly and in the background the word MAGIA repeated several times in all languages ​​of the world! White border as the standard bunches

One of the shop’s slogans is the famous “AssoKappa Sei Voi” and this inspired the idea of ​​the figures, the faces of which could ideally be the faces of our customers and of all the boys who are enthusiastically participating in our Meetings and Events like the tedious Staff guys without whom AssoKappa would not be the shop it is! The AssoKappa Deck is on sale on our site at the price of Euro 14.90.

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