Tottenham squad have total faith in Mauricio Pochettino, says Harry Winks

Harry Winks insists Tottenhams gamers are totally behind under-pressure boss Mauricio Pochettino and are determined to get through the presentdark days, says midfielder Harry Winks.
Spurs were turned into crisis this season and also a terror week saw a 7-2 hammering is followed by them by Bayern Munich in the Champions League with a 3-0 loss.
Pochettino – that directed the club into the Champions League final – has had to defend his stance, insisting he does not fear the bag.
Winks insists that the players are still playing for Pochettino, although there are issues at the club, starting with a squad which needs refreshing.
Hes our manager. He has been wonderful ever since hes been in the club and taken the team to new heights, Winks stated.
In the moment we are going through a bit of a rough patch. That happens in soccer, each club travels through it.
Its important we stand up as men and get through these dark times, and we could get back to playing well and winning just as far as we can.
In the last six years weve come a long way, weve become a title-challenging side. But we havent revealed it this year, weve only shown it in parts.
In certain games we have played really nicely but for the majority of this season we havent shown what we are about.
Its important we look back on it reflect so realise its not been good enough, no excuses. The only way we could place it right is back in training and the following match.
It has never been as bad under Pochettino since it had been in Brighton, in which Spurs – not assisted by a Hugo Lloris howler in the third moment – placed in an abysmal display.
Winks arrived at half-time but could not influence the end result and apologised to the lovers of the club.
In the conclusion of the game we went to our lovers and apologised since we are Tottenham Hotspur and that performance was not good enough.
Brighton played extremely nicely but our standards are a lot higher than we showed and we will need to carry out much better than this. So to all fans that watched this and those who travelled we apologise.

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