How to follow the polls in a tumultuous election year

With over seven months Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are monitoring the Conservatives in the polls of Andrew Scheer. Their chances of winning re-election are not any better than the usual coin-flip.
But the Liberals were to secure another term.
Things can change rapidly in public opinion, especially when a controversy like the affair blows up. Between now and Oct. 21, when Canadians are scheduled to go to the polls, voting goals are likely to change . And again.
The CBC’s Canada Poll Tracker will accompany the ups and downs of public opinion straight through to election day. The Poll Tracker is an aggregation of all polls which weights every questionnaire by date, sample size and pollster track record. (Full methodology here.)
ANALYSISLiberals have obtained a polling hit over SNC Lavalin – but Trudeau’s taken a larger one
Poll Tracker: Conservatives lead over Liberals slides to 3 points Over 150 national polls were printed in the. The Poll Tracker boils those down different surveys into one set of numbers which can be tracked over time.
That consensus currently gives the lead to the Conservatives — their first lead in the polls since the disastrous trip to India over a year of the prime minister.

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