Canadian Betting Sites

Canadian Betting Websites

So you are you?
We are happy you found us. We have spent years playing at betting sites and reviewing themand this particular page is the result of that research. We hope it saves you the time and energy required to find these websites yourself.
Have a look at some of the sites recorded in the table below. We’ll talk a bit more in a little about how we arrived at those positions, but for now, let’s just say that these would be the very best Canadian gambling sites on the web, and we have listed them according to our ranking standards.
Canadians enjoy a totally different online gaming landscape compared to US residents, although it’s often called a’legal gray area.’ The draconian UIGEA, that prohibits operators from accepting bets from US residents, does not apply to Canadians.
In Canada, gambling legislation fall under provincial authority. This has led some provinces to launch their very own online gambling sites to try and win back some of the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing offshore each year.
Canada has played a part in the development of internet gaming. Pioneer companies like Cryptologic have their origins. Isai Scheinberg, who based PokerStars, is a Canadian.
The Kahnawake First Nation controls a gambling commission with the ability host online gambling sites on its servers and to issue licenses. They’ve been in the industry.
Canadians can put bets on sports, play poker, enjoy casino games, and pretty much participate in any form of online gambling and betting you want.
Don’t worry about being arrested for betting online as a Canadian. It is not going to happen. Leave your Southern neighbors with the issues.

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