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“Here we are guys, I’m really excited at the moment, here’s the back of AUREAS, my first deck of cards, the deck was created and produced by me, designed by Annalisa Storari and Kiran, will be distributed by Assokappa.

I’ve been working on this deck for over a year and I’m so excited to be able to finally show it. I wanted to create something different from the usual, as you know my mathematical vein is always evident in the things I do, so I decided to create a deck that was based on what, since the time of the Greeks, is the union between mathematics and art. Obviously as you have seen I wanted to put a personal touch on it, so in addition to using math I used the golden proportions to create special rubik cubes, the Jokers, which can also be used for magic effects. Inside the deck there are also many details to discover, such as the use of “phi” or the golden number or the fact that the seeds of the deck are not exactly standard but specially modified to respect the golden proportions, in short so many subtleties that make the personal and particular bouquet.
That said I want to thank you for everything, this for me is a very important goal and see all the support you are giving me is beautiful. Thanks guys, really ♥ ”


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