White Flower

White Flower

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White flower by Jack Nobile – The new deck of Jack Nobile is coming out on September 20th 2017! Designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam produced by AssoKappa in 10,000 copies, printed by the US Playing Cards with Air Cushion Finish quality, the deck is the natural “consequence” of the Contemplation, more information on AssoKappa.cards soon!

“And here we are at a distance of a year, I’m here to present you my second deck of cards, the White Flower.It took almost a year to draw them, White Flower is the symbol of purity, a flower that floats on water. bouquet was produced by AssoKappa, designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam and created by me.The white backstrokes are drawn on a blue background on the back of the deck.We took the idea from the Madison Dealers.The boards show the same theme inside as the figures in their respective colors.The jokers are a hand pointing upwards that gives life a flower that symbolizes the rebirth and inner peace, one of the jokers is double-sided where on the other side a woman of hearts is represented inside of the hand instead of the flower to create different magic games.We have added a double-sided red / blue paper, on the border the side of the red paper has printed the symbol of the cut but fortunately it is not relevant. added a white card to create more effects, and to finish on the four jacks are represented my best friends, Lorenz on the jack of flowers, Hyde on the ackj of diamonds and Iac on the jack of spades; I’m the jack of hearts like last year. I hope you like this deck! The idea is always that, that when you want to relax, after a full day, you can use this deck and devote yourself to magic.
It is a deck created especially for relaxation.
A hug and thanks again for this dream that you are making me live! ”

– Jack Nobile –

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