Wild Playing Cards

Wild Playing Cards

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“The creation of this deck of cards has been long and ambitious, a wonderful project born from the idea a little crazy to have a pocket artwork” -Mattia Santangelo

3,000 decks of cards have been produced, a fairly limited number that will help to make your copy even more valuable;
The deck was designed by Mattia Santangelo and hand-drawn by Angela Munteanu, a student at the Academy of painting and fine arts in Turin, before being redesigned on the graphic programs necessary to have a file suitable for printing.

“From one idea a design was born, from many others to the Wild playing cards.” Angela Munteanu

The deck is printed by the United States playing cards using the air cushion finish, making it excellent for both magicians and cardinists, the deck is elegant, with fine edges and balanced colors, thus giving a very pleasant visual impact.
The theme is the wolf, the fascinating and mysterious animal that unfortunately in Italy now has few specimens, 1170 in 2017 according to ANSA .. In the background is visible the sacromonte / field of flowers that anyone in Varese is well known! Great attention has been given to the constellations present in the sky that are not where they really are but positioned so as to be pleasing and fun to recognize!

Besides all this you can have fun solving a small enigma that once understood will give you the opportunity to take advantage of this 100% deck! The deck was released on 12 August 2017, and can be purchased on www.assokappa.it or by clicking the button at the top on this “click to buy” page.

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