SHARPERS by Gianfranco Preverino

SHARPERS by Gianfranco Preverino

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Designed by “the most experienced Italian gambling enthusiast” (La Stampa, TG3), this deck reflects the two passions of its author: the world of bars and music. Sharpers, in fact, is the archaic name used in England to indicate bari; but sharp in English equals our musical diesis and for centuries the Brits play with that double sense. The bouquet therefore commends the two meanings of the word, blending gambling elements with other music and the dominant theme on the back is the symbol of the diesis (not to be confused with the “gate” used in computer science).

The “sharpers” is an ambigram that allows you to read it even by rotating the 180 ° card while the drawing on the box reproduces the hand of the author who receives a Woman of Peaks thanks to a hold-out (a typical bar-type instrument) . The Ace of Picche is fascinating, whose design is made using two mirrored violin keys. The Joker … is a surprise. The white rim of the back is of the same magnitude as the classic Bicycles, and except the ace of Picche, all the faces are standard: so the deck will not only be a collection object but also an alternative tool for those who want to make a show using different cards than usual, without sacrificing the clarity of classic designs.

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