Contemplation Deck

Contemplation Deck

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The Contemplation Deck, designed by Jack Nobile, the famous youtuber wizard with over 250,000 followers, designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam was produced by AssoKappa in 3000 copies in October 2016 and literally snapped up in a matter of weeks. Printed by the US Playing Cards with Air Cushion finish quality, the deck is inspired by the Buddhist filosodia to which Jack is very attached; on the back is in fact depicted a Buddha in the typical position of the Varamudra, this position symbolizes the gesture of the gift: offering, welcome, charity, compassion.

The background of the back is formed by the two letters JN which are repeated. The faces of the deck are standard apart from the Ace of Spades and the J of hearts in which the face of Jack is depicted and in fact, as many know, the Jack of hearts is his favorite card! In the deck there is also a gaff card with which you can make an effect, explained in one of Jack’s videos on YouTube. The Contemplation Deck was on sale on our website at a price of Euro 16.90; now it is impossible to find even if occasionally it is possible to find some private offers on Ebay at prices ranging from 60.00 to 80.00 Euros

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