about us

about us

AssoKappa Cards is the new AssoKappa project, the Magic Shop and Cards Collection that has been operating on the Italian market for 5 years, famous on the net and on social networks for its events, contests, contests and rallies.
AssoKappa Cards is therefore the site created ad hoc where you can find and learn the story of all the decks we produce, from the now notorious and unobtainable Contemplation Deck by Jack Nobile, to the new outgoing decks: AssoKappa Deck, Sharpers by Gianfranco Preverino, Wild by Mattia Santangelo, the new deck of Jack Nobile, the deck of Diego Allegri and more coming!

AssoKappa Cards provides its experience and know-how to help you design, create, design and distribute your deck.

Contact us for an estimate regarding the creation of your deck of cards,
we are your disposal to give you all the support you need!

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